Cloud Based Data Integration

Client had data stored in disparate cloud locations such as SmartSheets, Benchling, Microsoft 365 Sharepoint, and Citrix Sharefile. Integrating data sets across platforms was difficult for client staff. We built automated date extract-transfer-load (ETL) routines using Python. Connected through cloud services APIs, and loaded data into local PostgreSQL database tables. From there we built custom … Read more

Training Modules for Electronic Notebook

Interviewed client departments to map out workflows and discover requirements for use of Benchling electronic notebooks (ELNs). Studied and learned Benchling capabilities. Designed workflow process improvements to better document scientific studies, and capture research data in a centralized and accessible data base. Implemented ELN techniques that enabled cross-department data collaboration and reduced process time. Overall … Read more

Inventory Management System

Designed a custom inventory management system using the Python language. Delivered value and capability in short increments to support full spectrum requirements discovery. Added documentation and training for sustainability after hand-off the tool to the client. Designed data capture, auto-cleansing, and PostgreSQL data base to support metrics, data visualization and future applications of data science … Read more